Where can I buy vegan chocolate Easter eggs?

Does Aldi sell vegan Easter eggs?

Yup. Aldi’s home brand chocolate Easter eggs are vegan. They taste DELICIOUS – and each egg comes with chocolate buttons! Since both the “milk” and white chocolate options come at a very affordable price, you’ll be forgiven for eating more than one.

Does Tesco sell vegan Easter eggs?

A luscious vegan chocolate caramel egg made free from gluten, wheat, and milk. Accompanied with a pack of chocolate buttons, this egg makes a great Easter treat for loved ones following a plant based diet or those with dietary requirements. Free from gluten, wheat, and milk. Suitable for Vegans.

Are Cadbury Easter eggs vegan?

Milk chocolate egg shell made with Cadbury Dairy Milk: Suitable for vegetarians.

Is the Lindt bunny vegan?

The Lindt bunny with the brown ribbon is the ones that’s suitable for vegans, or – if you want a more affordable option, grab the cheap but tasty Lindt ‘inspired’ version from Aldi for just 99p! Hazelnut praline eggs, covered in dark chocolate then dusted in cocoa!

Are Aldi Easter eggs vegetarian?

Aldi’s vegan eggs are milk, gluten and soya free and come in a choice of Dark Chocolate, made with 65 per cent cocoa and Salted Caramel, made with Dominican Republic cocoa – both variants are packaged with bite-sized hazelnut truffles.

Is Bournville vegan?

For a long time, Bournville chocolate has been a favourite of vegans all across the UK. But after changing the ingredients listing recently, sadly Bournville Buttons are no longer technically vegan. … “Now @cadburyuk have added milk as an active ingredient, which makes them 100% NOT VEGAN.”

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