Why did Virat Kohli become vegan?

Has Virat Kohli turned vegan?

Indian men’s national team captain Virat Kohli clarified on Tuesday that he was vegetarian, and not vegan. An athlete who has set the standards for fitness in Indian sport, Kohli’s fitness and diet regimens often generate a lot of interest.

Is Rohit Sharma vegan?

Sharma is a strict vegetarian and is conscious of his diet.

Is Dhoni vegan?

Addressing the fans query, the answer to the question is that MS Dhoni is a non-vegetarian and his favourite dishes are butter chicken and chicken biryani.

Is Aamir Khan vegan?

This has become quite common amongst the Bollywood celebrities who religiously follow it. Aamir Khan is a vegan food lover. He decided to go vegan in 2015. He took the decision after his wife showed him a video about the common diseases caused by consuming animal products and how a diet change can prevent them.

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