You asked: Are Annie’s Cinnabunnies gluten free?

Are all Annie products gluten-free?

Which of your products are wheat-free or gluten-free? We offer a wide variety of gluten-free products.

Are Annie’s Bunny snacks gluten-free?

Plus, they’re packed with gluten free goodness and made without high fructose corn syrup or any of the artificial stuff. That’s right, these bunny snacks are as wholesome as they are delicious! So grab a box and snack hoppy.

Is Annie’s Fruity Bunnies and Blossoms gluten-free?

Best known for their delicious mac & cheese and bunny-shaped snacks, Annie’s makes yummy products in over 20 family-friendly categories – spanning from fruit snacks to cereal to bars, plus a variety of gluten-free and vegan products for their friends with special diets.

Annie’s Organic Fruity Bunnies and Blossoms Cereal, 10 oz.

Brand Annie’s Homegrown
Flavor Fruit

Is Annie’s Cinnabunnies cereal vegan?

In fact, they brought back one of their original flavors, Cinna Bunnies, just a couple years ago. All in all, they now have a handful of adorable flavors, each made without any dairy, soy, additives or preservatives.

Are Annie’s Cheddar squares gluten free?

Gluten Free. No Artificial Flavors, Synthetic Colors or Preservatives. Made with Real Cheese.

What brands are gluten free?


  • Nature’s Path Gluten-Free Cereals. Whole O’s. …
  • Arrowhead Mills Organic Maple Buckwheat Flakes.
  • Erewhon Gluten-Free Crispy Brown Rice Cereal.
  • Barbara’s Bakery Gluten-Free. Honey Rice Puffins. …
  • Chex Gluten-free. Corn Chex. …
  • Van’s Gluten-Free. Blissfully Berry. …
  • Bob’s Red Mill. …
  • Simpli Gluten-Free Oatmeal.
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Are Annie’s gluten free bunny Grahams vegan?

Many of Annie’s Bunny Grahams varieties are organic, non-GMO, and vegan, including the Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake, Gluten Free Cocoa & Vanilla, and Gluten Free SnickerDoodle options.

Why are Annies gummies so good?

Annie’s Homegrown: “Annie’s Fruit Snacks are a delicious treat that parents and kids both love. Parents love that they are Certified Organic and don’t contain artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or high fructose corn syrup. Kids love the delicious taste and the fun bunny shapes.