You asked: Is Guylian chocolates suitable for vegetarians?

Can vegetarians eat Guylian chocolate?

Yes, all Guylian Chocolates are suitable for vegetarians.

Is Guylian chocolate healthy?

Guylian’s No Sugars Added Chocolate Bars are enriched with fibers and suit perfectly in a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The bars have a smooth and rich texture thanks to the dietary fiber that has replaced the extra sugar.

Why are Guylian chocolates so good?

Aside from the shape and design of the chocolate, the flavour is delicious as well and tastes rich and creamy. The detail in the pieces of chocolate is lovely and really pleasing to the eye. It is one of the main reasons why Guylian chocolate sea shells make for a fantastic present as well.

Is Guylian chocolate praline?

Guylian’s main product is a range of praline chocolates in the shape of seashells and seahorses.

Are Guylian chocolates truffles?

Guylian La Trufflina is a sumptuous assortment of delicious Belgian chocolate truffles. They are enrobed with premium milk, dark or white Belgian chocolate and encase the smoothest and richest milk truffle filling you have ever tasted. … Each pack is sealed to ensure the chocolates are absolutely fresh.

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