Your question: Are Kinder Schoko Bons gluten free?

Do Kinder Choco Bons contain gluten?

The following Kinder Chocolates do not contain GLUTEN: Kinder Choco Treat Bags.

Are kinder bons gluten free?

Milk chocolate balls filled with nuts and milk cream and wrapped individually. Gluten free. It comes in individual packages of 125 grams each. Box of 8 packages.

Kinder Schoko-Bons eggs.

Flavour Chocolate, Cream, Milk
ALLERGENS Milk, Nuts, Soya

Are Kinder Choco Bons vegetarian?

It is individually wrapped and each chocolate is a delicious treat for the whole family to enjoy. It makes 18 servings and is suitable for vegetarians.

How many calories are in 1 Kinder Schoko Bon?

Nevertheless, our suggested serving sizes – mainly corresponding to the individually wrapped product – are much less than 100 grams.

Nutritional Table.

Nutritional value per 100 g:
Energy (calories) 576

Can you eat chocolate if gluten free?

It is therefore very important that people with coeliac disease/gluten intolerance should only eat chocolate that does not contain cereals, flour, malt syrup or other ingredients that could contain traces of gluten. Coeliacs must read the ingredients lists of chocolate products very carefully before eating them.

What Cadbury chocolate is gluten free?

Cadbury Bars: All Cadbury Dairly Milk, Dream, Flake, Twirl, Flake Noir, Chocolate Mousse, Fruit & Nut, Nut Break, Lite, Dream Hazelnut Truffle, Dream Snowflake.

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