Your question: Can I buy Culvers gluten free buns?

Does Culvers offer gluten-free buns?

Culvers does a great job of providing information on what food they offer that is gluten-free. They also have a lot of options too! They have Udi’s gluten-free buns available to have with their burgers and sandwiches as well as a lot of other food items and desserts that are gluten-free.

Is there anything gluten-free at Culvers?

Culver’s restaurants contain common allergens and our dishes are prepared to order; however, normal kitchen operations involve shared cooking and preparation areas and we cannot guarantee any menu item will be free of allergens.


ButterBurger Cheese
Soy Yes
Milk Yes
Wheat/Gluten Yes

What Subway bread is gluten-free?

Schar makes gluten-free sub rolls as does Canyon Bakehouse). You could also go to Jersey Mike’s, instead. The sandwich chain offers gluten-free bread at all locations and it has invested in training its staff to safely handle gluten-free orders.

Are Culver’s buns dairy free?

The Hamburger Buns and Bread can be ordered without butter and not toasted. According to the ingredients and confirmation with a Culver’s representative, they are all made without milk, but there is cross-contact with butter on the toaster and grill.

Are concrete mixers gluten-free?

When it comes to eating a gluten-free diet, Culver’s has some really great options. They offer Gluten-free buns and concrete mixers!

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Is Burger King burgers gluten-free?

Burger King doesn’t have a lot of gluten-free options. Some of their ingredients, even a few of the patties used on their burgers are gluten-free but they use shredded lettuce. This essentially means if you want to order a gluten-free burger, you’ll be getting all the ingredients minus the bun in a salad bowl.

Is custard ice cream gluten-free?

Yes! Our vanilla and chocolate custard are both gluten-free.

Is Frozen custard gluten-free?

Most homemade custards are made from milk, sugar and eggs which are naturally gluten-free ingredients. That being said, some big brands of pre-packaged custard could have issues with cross-contamination and/or using gluten ingredients as thickeners.

Are french fries gluten-free?

Potatoes are mostly gluten-free. However, at restaurants, if they are cooked in a fryer with battered fried foods that contain gluten there is a problem. It means the oil is contaminated and nothing prepared in that fryer is considered gluten-free.