Your question: Is Weetabix protein vegetarian?

What’s the difference between Weetabix and Weetabix Protein?

They learnt that the actual additional protein in Weetabix Protein Crunch compared to regular Weetabix is just 1.5g. … And while regular Weetabix has just 4.4 grams of sugar per 100 grams, Protein Crunch has five times that amount – an incredible 22 grams.

Are weetbix vegan?

The perfect recipe for school lunchboxes! As a nutritionist and mother Weetbix is one of the only packet cereals I am okay serving to my children. They are pretty low in sugar, high in fibre and are iron-fortified. They can be a great source of iron for vegan and vegetarian children.

Which Weetabix is vegan?

List of all cereal – Vegan and not

Cereal Brand Is it vegan?
Weetabix Weetabix YES
Weetabix Banana Weetabix YES
Weetabix Chocolate Weetabix YES
Weetabix Crispy Minis – Banana Weetabix No

Can babies have Weetabix with cows milk?

Weetabix, Ready brek and Oatibix are not suitable for infants under six months, and are not produced specifically for infants or young children. The Department of Health recommends you use mashed up family foods when possible. Cow’s milk is not suitable until 12 months and sugar and salt are not to be added.

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